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Congratulations for taking this step into reclaiming your health, in obtaining the information to give you clarity on your next steps to obtain vibrant energy and help to create your healthiest life ever.

Below you will find the hormone and brain neuro-transmitter questionnaires, which you can begin to prepare, complete and then send back to me through an email at

Within a day, you will receive from me a specialized assessment form which will take you about 30-45 minutes to complete. Please complete this questionnaire in one sitting and in an uninterrupted setting. This is a snapshot in time of where you're at right now, and this will give us the clarity to know where your body is at in this moment. Please do not include information that may have happened years ago. Our body is always changing and so we are looking at how you're feeling and where you are at this point in time.

Once you have returned your completed WISE Nutri-Body Questionnaire to me, I will require at least three days to fully prepare the information for you. At that time we will set up a telephone or Skype session (your choice) for our 1-hour strategy session to review your results.


Thank you for your trust in me. I look forward to helping you create the vibrant health that you deserve.


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Female Hormone Self-Assessment Questionnaire
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Please scan and email them back to me at when you're finished!


Mary-Anne MacPherson, RHN


Registered Holistic Nutritionist, NLP Practitioner, Theta Healer, Author & Speaker

Member of the Association of Integrative Psychology


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