Winning at Wellness

My whole life's journey, trials and failures, and everything I believe is the path to wellness all included in this workbook. Inside, you’ll discover the very best, most up-to-date tips and strategies about health in all areas; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relational.


It’s over 150 pages of no fluff or filler. It’s packed with practical information you can use instantly.

The 11 Best Steps to Vibrant Health


Insider Strategies for Reprogramming your Mental Computer


How to avoid the ‘STRESS’ trap


Instantly Improve your Stress Levels with this Simple Technique


The Giant Myth About Diet Programs and Why it's Untrue 

“If you’re looking for a nutritional book, this is the book. Here’s the reason why you want a book that’s a workbook and you want a book that has information. But here’s the difference; it has a personal story that will really touch you. You read this book and I guarantee you that you will find what your stressors are and you’ll find what your nutritional needs are – get this book.”

- Ignacio Onassis


"Mary-Anne has had many years of experience in the field, which makes her book to the point, practical, and most importantly, applicable to everybody's life. Thank you Mary-Anne for an amazing contribution."

- Halka Klement

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7 Secrets to Fibromyalgia Freedom

When I was bedridden with Fibromyalgia, there wasn't information on the market with cures to this illness, let alone information that this illness even existed! 


That's why when I saw 11 Doctors & Specialists, they couldn't help me and one nurse wanted to put me in a home in my early 30's after having my newborn twins!


The cures and solutions I found to battle the pain & fatigue are all included in this book, dedicated to those who are suffering from what I suffered through, to save you some heart-ache.


My Story


Understanding the Emotional Component Behind Fibromyalgia


How to Clear the Emotional Blocks to Create Instant Physical Relief


Food & Lifestyle Changes Crucial to Achieving Total Wellness


Supplements & Their Role on Long-Term Health

“As a recovered Fibromyaliga sufferer, I wish I'd read this book 10-15 years ago; before I'd endured over a decade of trial and error, figuring out my symptoms and how to treat them. Mary-Anne has done a fabulous job in outlining and describing each of the major problem areas for fibromyalgia patients and providing sound advice for each area. I heartily believe through following her advice, most fibromaylgia patients will feel noticeable relief from pain within days and will, definitely, promote a far more rapid recovery.”

- Gail Bongalis, B.C

only $9.97



This powerful book came about because as I paid attention to the Universe, I saw that I was manifesting what I've been focusing on; the good and the not-so-good. I gradually learned what works and what doesn’t, and therefore massaged my life into a better way of being, with conscious intent. Because we think in pictures, this book gives you practical tools along with tangible success stories and accompanying pictures, so you can use it as a guidebook to create your own amazing life.


7 Secrets to Fibromyalgia Freedom
Magical Manifesting Workbook

Understand the secrets beyond “The Secret”


Utilize the power of your mind for success


Become in harmony with this 4-step process


Learn the science of what makes this powerful; you are already creating, whether you understand it yet or not


Examples from my life; If I can do it, you can do it too!

"This book, "Magical Manifesting" came to me exactly when my life needed "sizzle".  Thank you so much Mary-Anne! "  

-Debra Bodkin

"The Magical Manifesting book is an excellent book to start spiritual enlightenment. Thank you for giving me this great gift and thank you Mary-Anne for being such a positive influence in my life."  

- Andrea K.