How I Best Serve The World

Are you a professional woman who’s struggling with losing weight?


The best way to end this struggle is to utilize the 4 Pillars of Health:

1. Nourishing Your Physical Body;

2. Emotional Wellness,

3. Mental Stamina &

4. Spiritual Connection; because weight loss is much more than food and fitness.



HOME STUDY PROGRAM - 12 week course


GROUP MENTORING - 12 week program




Health & Nutrition Consulting

Hormone Balancing

Saliva Testing

Food Allergies & Parasite Panel Testing

Life & Empowerment Coaching

Emotional Freedom Technique

Stress Management

Basic Meditation

Healthy Self-Esteem

Spiritual Counselling

Theta Healing Session

Quantum Healing Treatment

Reiki Energy w Quantum Healing Sessions

Reiki Practitioner Training

Simple Feng Shui





"As a result of the advice and supplements received from Mary-Anne, I’m pleased to report that my health and overall energy has significantly increased. I now have an additional hour per day of productivity to devote to whatever I choose!"


- Wendy Robertson CHRP, CRC

"I have been working with Mary-Anne for a little over 4 months now.  Most recently we have really been concentrating on Theta Meditation.  With Mary-Anne’s help, I have been able to delve deep into my history and basically “unlock” patterns and thought processes that have been keeping me stuck both emotionally and physically.  The Theta Meditation we have been working on has become extremely relaxing and beneficial and has really taken me to a much higher level of  healing."

- Janet Verdin


My headaches have dramatically been reduced from 3 times a week to once or twice a month; and bottles & bottles of pain killers to now 0.
m confident theyll completely go away.
ve been able to sleep a lot better. Youve transformed my mind. Youve helped me realize its OK to care about Isaac. Youve made me really healthy and very conscious. You are very talented and your intentions are in direct alignment with your heart. Youre very unique, and Im inspired by you.
Thank you for the Theta and Nutrition, Mary-Anne!

- Isaac Michalov


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My theta healing was very profound and interesting. I went into a much higher level and was able to see the essence of myself and have certain blocks removed. After, when I opened my eyes I felt light and full of love. 


This is a very cool technique that I would recommend to anyone wanting to feel lighter.


I do energy readings for people but I hadn't used this style of healing yet so I am grateful that I met Mary-Anne and was able to walk away feeling like I could really connect to my inner self and life purpose.

- Sarah 
Age 24