Why Do I Crave Sugar, Salt & Chocolate

How to Stop Food Cravings

In order to learn how to stop food cravings and move into a healthy lifestyle, we must first get to the root of the food cravings by understanding why it is we are craving certain salty, sweet or spicy foods.

You see, usually it is the foods we are most “allergic” to that we end up craving. This is one reason it’s important to move past the cravings and get your eating under control.

What Causes Cravings:

Chocolate Cravings → Chocolate cravings could be a replacement for love. Physical cravings for chocolate could also be a magnesium deficiency or a need for a sugar high (see “craving sweets below). Craving Sweets → Sugar cravings, especially for women, are a way to find sweetness in life if they’re lacking sufficient fun and joy Carb Cravings → Cravings for bread and pastries are generally to combat feelings of sadness, tiredness, or depression. Physiologically, when the body drops in the happy hormone -serotonin, that’s when we think about carbs to increase our happiness artificially through food. Salt Cravings → Salty foods are generally craved by ‘Type A’ personalities; these are people who need to find time to relax and smell the roses. Those with adrenal insufficiency also tend to crave salty foods. Usually a low calcium diet increases the desire for salty foods. Ice Cream Cravings → Ice cream and other dairy foods could represent loneliness or unexpressed tears. Aspartame Cravings → Those addicted to diet pops and gum usually have symptoms of depression, apathy and/or plain boredom. Spicy Food Cravings → Spicy foods could indicate a need for adventure (although keep in mind that too much spice can irritate the gut) Caffeine Addiction/Cravings → The need for caffeine might be your sign of mental exhaustion and working too hard. Peanut Butter Cravings → Yes, peanut butter gets its one category! Those who crave peanut butter are looking for entertainment and fun, fun, fun!

Stop Food Cravings:

For a more in depth look into cravings and the solution to each one of these cravings, check out the chapter called “Your Mental Well-Being” from my book Creating Your Healthiest Life“.

In this chapter of the book there are 18 solutions to stop food cravings and get to the bottom of each food craving; whether you’re always craving sweets, salt, chocolate, or whatever!

Sneak Peek:

Solution #7: “Chocolate is the food that people crave most often. It releases serotonin, however, chocolate is really a dairy combined with sugar. If you’re going to indulge; consume only one small piece of 70% dark chocolate, which is high in antioxidants. (Most chocolate cravings are really a deficiency in calcium and magnesium. I prefer you consume a high quality Cal-Mag supplement daily, as an alternative to chocolate). An appropriate dose for many people is 1,000 mg of Calcium with 500 mg magnesium daily. You may require more depending on which health disorders you’re dealing with.”

Solution #14: “Diet soda contains aspartame, which raises low dopamine levels in the brain. According to Dr. Eric Braverman MD, expert in brain neurotransmitters, all addictions (to caffeine, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and even diet soda) indicate low dopamine levels.”

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